Lynn Bell and Adrian Duncan on the Consultation Chart

Astrologers Lynn Bell and Adrian Duncan chat about using the consultation chart in a reading. This is a chart run for the moment the client shows up for the reading.

Saturn Square Neptune Webinar

Lynn Bell talks about her upcoming webinar on Saturn square Neptune for Astrology University April 16, 2016.

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Lynn Bell and Darby Costello

Filmed at the AA Astrology Conference 2012.

Relocated Charts

Excerpt of Lynn Bell discussing solar return charts from a one-day workshop hosted by the Oxford Astrology Group

Cycles of Light Interview

Lynn interviewed by Nadiya Shah about Cycles of Light and the solar return chart.

Cardinal T-Square

Astrologer Lynn Bell on the 2010 Cardinal T-Square

The Stars, Planets and Citadel

Lynn Bell talks about the coming changes and how we must not let ourselves get into a situation where the rich and the poor are separated.

Part 2

Lynn Bell on the Vampire Archetype

Interview with Linda Furiate and Lynn Bell in 2010

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