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Jan 30, 2021

Join Lynn at Astrology University for her newest  webinar:

Holding Tight and Breaking Free – Saturn Squares Uranus

When Saturn and Uranus come into aspect the old and the new are at odds. Something has to give, and something has to stay. We are asked to take risks, and to hold tight, often at the same time.

These two planets will form an exact waning square on February 17, 2021, and again on June 14, and December 24th.

It becomes very hard to maintain the status quo when Saturn and Uranus clash, and indeed their friction will help give rise  to a new era. You may be in the middle of a dilemma and you are not alone. After all that has happened most of us are longing for the change symbolized by Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius, and yet Uranus in Taurus calls us to claim what we hold dear.

In this webinar we will look at how these planets affect each of us, through the houses that are activated int he natal chart. What are the choices we are being asked to make?

No need to attend live. All registrants receive copies of the recordings to download and keep. 

Date: January 30, 2021
Time: 9:00 AM Pacific Time (convert to your timezone)
Running Time: Approximately 90 min.
$25 (through Jan. 28, $30 thereafter)

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February 7, 2021

The astrology of 2021: Moving through fear into the New Paradigm
Ubiquity University

The cosmos and the psyche mirror each other, as above, so below, thus humankind has long looked to the stars for greater meaning and clearer direction on our collective journey of awakening. 2020 saw the great conjunction of Saturn and Pluto that spelled the dissolution of old structures, personal and societal, and the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn bringing the possibility of a new more inclusive paradigm. 2021 is no less potent with Saturn and Uranus coming into aspect, causing friction between our old and the new ways of being. In this time of crisis and hope it can be especially illuminating to follow the archetypal messages from the heavens.

During the year long tug of war, we can be pulled between past and present, between fear of change and and a powerful longing for freedom. We will delve into the dilemmas represented by these configurations as well as the other celestial events of the year. In her workshop on the Astrology of 2021 Lynn Bell will share principles and insights that will guide our experience over the next 12 months.

Pricing: Audit-No Credit: $30

February 21, 2021

Malefics and Benefics:Good and Bad in Psychological Astrology
The astrological tradition gives us strong indications of good and bad placements in astrology. In the 20th century many of these distinctions were smoothed over, particularly in psychological astrology. And yet we can clearly see that certain planet/sign combinations carry inherent difficulty. Bound up in these terms are notions of fate and free will. Are there ‘good’ and ‘bad’ planets? Dane Rudhyar said that an individual may need “to experience tensions, conflicts, crises, dissatisfaction, restlessness — yet not be destroyed by these, but use them as sharp and strong tools to build an undaunted and indomitable personality”. Planets in detriment often take people in a direction counter to expectation, and may require a depth of experience that an ‘easy’ placement does not have. We will look at traditional malefics, as well as planets in detriment and fall, and how these placements can be understood as invitations for a life against expectation, for inner or outer work, that leads to a fuller expression of who we are meant to be.

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February 27, 2021

Sparks and Shifts in Relationship

Jung wrote, “The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances. If there is any reaction, both are transformed.” Even brief encounters can have this kind of alchemical power to shift us internally. Long term partnerships put down deep roots and go through hot and cold zones, stuck places and burnouts. After the merging, there is the shaking out of what truly belongs to us. Over time, we can wear out the other’s resistance, and habits give way to friction, irritation, excitement or crisis. In this new workshop, Lynn will consider the spark of inter-chart contacts (the synastry) and the times of tectonic shifts in relationship, as often described by transits linked to Pluto, Saturn or the quincunx. These transits may signal the withdrawal of energy from certain parts of a chart/relationship, or the lighting up of others – when crisis brings forth action or the way out of a stuck situation. (£60 or included in Year 2 and 3’s Term 2 schedule and fees.)

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March 14, 2021

Body and Psyche: The Archetypal Language of Planets and Symptoms

The New England Astrology Conference

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April 22-27, 2021

Lynn will be presenting a 3-day intensive as part of OPA’s virtual conference.

Family Patterns in Astrological Practice

Family patterns are first experienced through the great ruling forces of our childhood, our parents, who we see through Sun and Moon, and Saturn and Venus. We interpret the world using the cues they give us, while their responses were in turn influenced by others, the extended families and ancestors whose successes and failures, quirks and talents, are often found as repeating planetary patterns in our own lives, and in our charts. The closer we look, the more we see mysterious repetitions of dates, parallel events, and strange twists of fate that mirror stories from earlier generations.

We will identify and work with these patterns, to see how we can honor the past, and walk our own path in life at the same time.  More importantly, how do we meet the unlived energies of our ancestors, that seem to rise up again in our own experience? What are the ghosts of the past asking from us, before we can go on our way?  Families carry patterns around success and failure, and sex and money, and working with these imprints can be a powerful part of our clients lives, as well as our own.

We will explore a methodology for working with these themes in our own charts, and also those of extended  family members. For this track It is recommended to gather the charts of family members, even if you don’t have their exact times.

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