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The 9th House and the Making of our Minds: Faith, False Prophets, Dark Gods, and Visionaries

Sunday 20th June 2021 – 15.30-18.00 BST

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CPA/MISPA Online Webinar

In ancient astrology the 9th house was the House of God, it is meant to direct us to the highest good. Sometimes our fellow humans fervently believe things that seem incomprehensible, and we are even more bewildered when others agree. How can our minds be  “turned”? At a time when collective  beliefs are under siege, and the greater good is being redefined, we will look at how the 9th house functions in the natal chart, both in those with strong beliefs and those who defy collective standards, deny evidence, or lead others into obscure territory. In the 9th house we  also leap into unknown territory, into the experience of the numinous and the divine. Both the sign ruler of the 9th and planets positioned here have much to say about our experience of this house.

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