Understanding Solar Returns

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Every time the Sun returns to its natal position we are taking in a new piece of the larger universe, being asked to make it our own. Most of us experience our birthday time as special in some way. We may be weighing things, feeling time shift, or closing a chapter on the recent past. At the same time, there is a sense that we hold the future in our hands. A Solar Return is just that – a small piece of the future. Looking into the Solar Return chart brings the rush of anticipation into play, and using it together with transits and progressions opens up our understanding of the time ahead.

Each degree of the zodiac carries a particular stamp of solar energy, a unique quality that underlies our core sense of self. As the Sun returns to that degree, and even more precisely, to the minute and second of arc in our birth chart, that essential light is recharged and each of the planets forms a new relationship to the Sun. In this series of webinars we will learn to work with these charts and understand their message for the year ahead. What will happen in the year to come? We will look at example charts throughout. Participants will have the opportunity to study their past Solar Returns and look at future Solar Returns

Part One: Following the Sun
In the first webinar of the series we will look at the following topics:

  • What is a Solar Return?
  • How to ‘See’ Solar Returns.
  • Reading a Solar Return Chart Twice.
  • The 19 year Metonic cycle.
  • Prediction and Consciousness.
  • Not all years are alike.
  • The Fundamental Importance of the Moon in the Solar Return and its elemental cycle.

Part Two: Pivotal Annual Themes
In part two we will look at memorable years to see how they are described in the solar return. There are years of happiness, years of loss, years of transformation and crisis, and there are always opportunities for growth, and awareness.

  • The Sun Lights up the houses.
  • Illuminating the Solar Return through the house position of the Sun.
  • Aspects to the Sun in the Solar Return.
  • Aspects to the Moon continued.
  • Angular Planets in the solar Return colour the year and become dominant players for the year to come.
  • Exact Aspects in the Solar Return.
  • Significant chart patterns.
  • Eclipses, Full Moon and New Moon.
  • Aspects to the Moon in the Solar Return.

Part Three: Forecasting the Year Ahead
Understanding the key themes of the year is essential to forecasting. The interface between the birth chart and the Solar Return reveals new layers of meaning. We will look at:

  • Solar Return planets as interpreters of the natal Chart.
  • Retrograde planets and resonant aspects.
  • Special Solar Return Years, Venus years, Mars years.
  • Timing the Solar Return month by month.
  • Progressing the MC, moving the Sun through the houses.
  • The Moon’s movement.
  • Integration of techniques.
  • Prediction and psychology.

Pre-recorded for instant access.

6 hrs. | includes video, audio, slides and handout

Level: Intermediate/Advanced

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