The Quincunx and the Yod: Tension and Breakout

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This download includes 2 lectures: The Quincunx: Blindspots and Breakthroughs and The Quincunx and the Yod.

The Quincunx: Blindspots and Breakthroughs

This classic lecture introduces students to the main theory behind the quincunx, an aspect of adjustment because of the two signs that are trying to relate with each other.

54 min. audio only. 1988. preview below

The Quincunx and the Yod

Quincunxes are a silent aspect, often manifesting as tension or discomfort, a misfit energy that is not easily integrated. This can also lead to a particular one-sidedness, the overdevelopment of certain tendencies in the psyche. More than any other aspect, it seems to require a change in the level an energy is deployed.

When two quincunxes come together in a yod, the energy released is multiplied exponentially and true change becomes possible. Whether there is a quincunx or yod in your chart or one is formed by transit, is can be useful to ask "How are you being asked to move and change?"

1 hr. 45 min. audio only. 2013.
(note: the recording quality on this second lecture varies due to the venue, however we've included it as a bonus for those of you who would like a thorough discussion of this topic that includes Lynn's more recent work.)

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