Money and Psychology – 3-Part Series

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Part 1: Money Fears

Whether we’re afraid of losing what we have, or never making ends meet, money anxiety can easily bubble away under the surface of ordinary life. The love of money used to be seen as a corrupter of soul; the lack of money, as society’s judgement of our value.

Some feel wealth could bring self betrayal, or skew the sentiments of others. The fear of poverty haunts many, and these fears can be very real. Missed payments,medical bills, college loans.

We will look at how our charts reflect these fears. They can be drivers, moving us forward to success, or keep us small and tight.

1 hr. 44 min.includes video, audio and slides

Part 2: Money Dreams

with Lynn Bell

Lynn presents a 3-part series on the psychological dynamics of our approach to money in the birth chart. In this series she will expand on the ideas outlined at her hit UAC talk from 2018.

Dreams open the spirit, and come in all forms. Most of our dreams don’t involve cash, but many dreams require it. Those who want to build, to create, may find money is essential to their vision.

Some dream of making it big, others of simply being free – free from worry over unpaid bills.

And sometimes, dreams come true. The lotto ticket wins a jackpot, the stars in the slot machine line up, that penny stock makes millions. What does dreaming have to do with cold cash? What are we willing to do to have what we want?

With Jupiter and the outer planets as our guide we will look at dreams and wild schemes around money, at losers and winners, and the inner connection to wealth.

1 hr. 38 min. | includes video, audio and slides

Part 3: Money Alchemy

Money flows in an energy system throughout our lives, a flow that connects soul and dream to the real world. Disconnects or imbalances in the flow, a permanently empty bank account, are painful in reality but also impede our inner growth.

Money relationships to institutions and to other individuals, represented by the 8th house, may well interfere with our ability to handle everyday economics.

The ghosts of the past, of our ancestors and kin, also rumble under the surface of our relationship with money. Family histories of stolen inheritance, of bankruptcy or loss of fortune, often continue to influence current events. The debts of previous generations have potency in our lives, whether we are conscious of them not. Money obtained by illegal acts, can carry an invisible debt. Such events are often revealed by money planets involving the nodes and Chiron, as well as the 2nd/8th house axis.

Understanding and transmuting these patterns is the alchemical work of money.

1 hr. 39 min. | includes video, audio and slides

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