Jupiter in Pisces – The Heavens Open

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Jupiter brings abundance and release as it enters Pisces, one of its home signs. Following a time of contraction, where Jupiter spent nearly two years in Saturn-ruled Capricorn and Aquarius, it will soon be free flowing, as it was for a few months earlier this year (from mid May to the end of July 2021).

This time Jupiter rushes to meet Neptune, co-ruler of Pisces. They come together in April 2022. This combination can be heady, dizzying, or celebratory. It asks us to let go. And while many of us will be more than happy to dive in, this process can also be overwhelming. The mechanism of control loosens and old structures are swept away.

At the same time with these two planets in Pisces there is always the possibility of grace. We will look at the 13-year Jupiter Neptune cycle and its connection to vision and promise. What gifts will it bring in our own charts? How best to open to Jupiter in Pisces, and catch its fiery energy for a few short months in Aries in 2022?

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1 hr. 53 min. | includes video, audio, slides and transcript

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