October 26-27, 2019: Online Summit

Breakthrough + Transformation: Inspiring Stories of Astrology in Action

astrology summit transformation

Lynn presents a lecture for the next Astrology University summit.

Saturn-Pluto Success Stories

Some transits are more intimidating than others,. and yet no matter how complex the energies, there are people who do well with them, who rise to their destiny during difficult transits. How do Saturn and Pluto wake possibilities that move us through crisis, towards a new version of ourselves? What are the keys to honoring the passage and moving through it successfully?

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November 3, 2019: Live Webinar

Planets in Blue: The Uses of Melancholy

Lynn presents a webinar for MISPA.

Every so often our experience of a planet goes ‘off,’ as if a light has been dimmed and we see life through a blue filter. Venus gets the blues when a relationship dies, the Moon when it loses its familiar comforts. These times take us inward into night consciousness, and often bring an inclination to moodiness and gloom. The party girl loses her fizz, the wild boy loses his smile. If this kind of inner work has not been done before, Saturn transits can make it more pressing, especially now as Saturn comes into close contact with Pluto. While it may not be comfortable at first, the melancholy position has long been considered the via regia for soul making in archetypal psychology. As astrologers, the ability to walk our clients through the timing of a ‘blue period’ can be a great gift.

15.30-18.00 GMT | £42 general public
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November 21-24, 2019: Beijing, China

ISAR in China Conference

Saturday, Nov. 30 & Sunday, Dec. 1
Lynn Bell Workshop

16-20 January, 2020: Melbourne, Australia

FAA Conference Australia

Lynn presents at the bi-annual FAA conference. Click through the image below for conference details and registration.

FAA conference Australia

May 21-25, 2020: Seattle, WA

NORWAC Conference

Lynn presents a pre-conference workshop "The Seven Deadly Sins and the Planets," a lecture "You Know You Want It - Sex in the Horoscope," and closing keynote address "The King is Dead, Long Live the King." 

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June 26-28, 2020: Wyboston Lakes, UK

Astrological Association Conference

Lynn presents a workshop and a lecture for the 52nd annual conference. 

Download the conference brochure here: http://www.astrologicalassociation.com/pages/conference/2020/conf_brochure_2020.pdf 

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September 10-14 2020: Westminster, CO

ISAR Conference

Lynn presents a workshop "Unbinding Desire: How Venus Gets What She Wants,"  and a lecture "The 8th House Alchemy of Money and Psyche." 

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