14 October, 2018

Fathers and their Children

This webinar will look at the archetype of the Father and how it is constellated in the birth chart. How does the father we had (or didn’t have) impact the structure of the psyche? Whether absent or present, biological or ‘adopted', the role of father influences our fundamental identity and relationships, as well as our ability to emerge into the larger world. While Saturn and the Sun are traditional signatures for the father, they rarely describe the rambler, the dreamer or the rolling stone. Fathers used to be the carriers of law and authority. As our cultures change, as marriage is redefined, the archetype of father changes with it.

Participants are welcome to volunteer their charts for possible inclusion in the webinar. (Please email chart data once you have booked and before 7th October. You will need a headset in order to talk to Lynn during the webinar.)

Saturday October 27
15:30-18:00 BST

Online through MISPA

Details and Registration

27-28 October, 2018

Summit presentation: RE-Direction: How Outer Planet Transits Call Us to Destiny

astrology destiny and life purpose summit

Lynn presents a lecture on the outer planets and the call to destiny for this virtual summit.

Saturday October 27
11am Pacific Time

Online through Astrology University

Details and Registration

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