angry man

Too Much Mars

It has seemed for a while, that there is too much anger flying around. Too much of the wrong kind of Mars. Mars is in Leo from May 20 to July 10, 2023, and as it entered the sign it opposed Pluto in Aquarius. Oppositions either raise the stakes or raise consciousness. The agreement on the …

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iran protest 2022

October 2022 Update

Paris, October 2, 2022, Mercury Direct. As Mercury turns slowly forward in late Virgo, we are entering one of the most highly charged periods of the year.  It can be felt in many recent events. Searing images of women in Iran burning their veils, cutting their hair, rising in protest at the death of a …

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water droplet

What We May be Shown

October 6 2021 A month ago, at the dark of the Moon, I was walking along the sea on an island off the west coast of France. Somehow I had arrived at the exact moment of low tide, and the sand flats stretched a long way to the edge of the water. As I waded …

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Auroch; Primogenius

The Awakening of Instinct

The last New Moon on April 12, 2021 came with the dynamism of fire, supported by friendly planets, like a bow pulled to let an arrow fly out into the future. Every lunar cycle unfolds for 28 days and this one lights “the force that through the green fuse drives the flower,” the power of …

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double vision

Ways of Seeing in 2021

Aquarius rulers in a Square in the backdrop of the Nodal Axis in Sagittarius/Gemini Originally published in the OPA Career Astrology Publication In 2021 we will be asked to see things from more than one point of view. This is a product of both the Uranus-Saturn Square, and the position of the Moon’s Nodes. The …

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Waterfall and stars

A Waterfall of Stars

The sign of Aquarius has just been lit up by the presence of a great conjunction. Rare images of the planets so close that they form a single point of light have been posted by those lucky enough to live under clear skies. A new 20-year cycle is beginning, a cycle that marks the generations, …

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Going deep with astrology

Approaching Astrology in a Deeper Way

Lynn joins Mychal A Bryan on The Oraculos Podcast to discuss how to find a deeper relationship to Astrology through exploring other branches of spirituality, healing, art, and life.

marsy energy

Mars Retrograde: Undoing

Mars is a survival planet, often operating outside our conscious awareness. And while we may have the illusion of control, our responses and patterning are often shaped by early events. As Mars goes retrograde on September 9th, we may become aware of the armoring we have been carrying. Whether the threat of the virus brought …

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What are We Longing for?

Venus has been languishing, and the current square with Neptune reminds us of all the small pleasures that have been put aside during quarantine- no meals out with friends, no after work gatherings. I see new shades of gray on women, while men’s haircuts remind the observer of a dandelion gone to seed. And shopping …

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