Everything is Stepping Up

© Lynn Bell

April 2024 is astrologically over the top. 

If you are like me, you may have noticed the constant too-muchness of things for some time, whether it’s the endless unpredictability of climate, the political madness, or the tragic loss of innocent lives. 

Many people, even those dear to us, see the world in ways that make no sense from our own point of view. 

Saturn joined Neptune in the sign Pisces a year ago, and there has rarely been a time when the fundamental truths of our world seem so uncertain. Even the images we see, or the voices we hear may be chimeras, strange beasts, created by artificial intelligence. A dissolution of certainty and a sense of strangeness are disturbing hallmarks of the end of any era. 

We stepped out of the old era in 2020. Everything stopped, and those sudden boundaries brought wonder, fear, and doubt. At first we imagined our old world would come back, but now we know we’re headed somewhere else.

The first extreme aspect of April 2024 floods us with feeling: an exalted Venus in Pisces meets Neptune on the 3rd. Days later, Venus goes over to the wild side in Aries. 

The world now seems to be riding its own atmospheric river, bucking and swirling into an unpredictable future, with eruptions of madness in many different geographical locations. Just as we head into an eclipse and feel the rhythmic acceleration of the exceptional Jupiter Uranus conjunction later in the month, Mercury has turned retrograde. And not just in any sign, but in Aries, where it normally rushes headlong into action. Will it take us back into old behaviours, or help slow our troublesome impulses, move us towards more considered actions?

Mercury in Aries calls us to what we know instinctively to be right, and as it goes backwards it will conjunct first the Sun, then Venus, then the North Node. It is returning over old ground, scouting for true seeing, true feeling, realigning our actions just before Mars, the ruler of the sign, enters Aries at the very end of the month. 

Eclipses carry the symbolism of blinding and a return to clear seeing. They plunge us into darkness, but the light returns.

The extraordinary experience of totality will touch millions along the eclipse path on April 8th, from Mexico to Maine. But we will all feel the effects, over the weeks and months to come. Indeed, we have been feeling the shadow of this eclipse for some time.

Healing is one of the themes of this eclipse at 19° Aries, with its exact conjunction to Chiron. Chiron’s story warns us, however, that entering the middle of a fight might get us into more trouble than we ever imagined. Accidental wounding happens even to those with the best of intentions.

Stay safe and protected should you choose to watch the darkening of the Sun. Normally eclipses come with a release, but be aware of the conjunction of the two malefics, Mars and Saturn, in boundary breaching Pisces, on April 10th, just days after.

Seeing truly, seeing with the heart, leaping into another form of consciousness, are all part of this month’s celestial signature. And it leads to the Jupiter Uranus conjunction on April 21st, a conjunction that happens every 14 years.

Whatever happens, whether accident or breakthrough, leap in consciousness or changed understanding, has the possibility to reshape many parts of our lives depending on the way it falls in our chart. Along with our certainties, old patterning can fall away.

This process has been building since last fall, and will move us forward for months to come. Larger cycles have specific rhythms, and their conjunctions function as seed moments. in this case, it marks the beginning of a 14 year unfolding.

Join Me In Berlin April 27-28

Lynn and Alexander von Schlieffen; Darby Costello and Lynn

As many of you know, I will be teaching in Berlin April 27th and 28th on this rare coming together of Uranus and Jupiter. I will be with two dear friends.

Darby Costello is an enchantress, a lifelong astrologer with a mythic understanding of the individual chart nourished by her time in Africa, and many years in London, at the CPA and elsewhere. This will be rare opportunity to see her outside the UK.

Alexander Von Schlieffen, artist and visionary astrologer, who we first met at UAC in 1999, and immediately ‘recognised,’ has become one of the most compelling voices of our art in Germany, on the verge of creating his own school.

Our beloved Tony Howard, creator of the event, will be there with us in Berlin. If you are nearby and moved to join us, it will be a special collaboration, and you can join us by clicking here.

More Events in 2024

I am always grateful for the opportunity to work intimately and in person with astrology, and so I will be part of number of smaller events during the rest of the year.

For those of you who have participated in my webinars on family, I will be teaching a group of 7-9 participants in the immersion track, at the OPA intensive in Utah in mid-October, spread over three days in a beautiful Park City, UT venue. We will be able to exchange deeply using personal charts, and deepen this essential work. There are only a few places, so if you are considering this, it might be wise to take advantage of the early bird pricing that runs till the end of April. You can find the details here.

Renewal in Languedoc

Last month I spent three weeks in the Languedoc region of France, out of my usual rhythms, soaking in the hot mineral waters from the depths of our earth, in a place where the Romans had built a temple to Neptune.

I am grateful for the time out of my usual rhythms (and French social security), as Neptune activated my own chart. Being on a body of water, the etang de Thau, with its subtle shifts in light, where much is organized around a healing intention, was a welcome suspension from the endless gray, rainy winter of northern France. We think of Jupiter Uranus as an accelerant but slowing down, getting off the wheel, can also be part of a Jupiter Uranus ‘break’.

East Coast Events in June

In June I will be on the East Coast, speaking in New York City on June 4th and back at the wonderful Omega Institute, June 7-9 with Maurice Fernandez, Rick Levine, artist astrologer Amir Bey, and the remarkable Linda Tucker, keeper of the White Lions. You can learn more about this experience here.

I hope to see you somewhere in the world, in person, for a deep connection to the astrology of the moment.

with love,