hurricane Irma

The Twin Mirror

In a year where the world has been spun around, turned upside down, where shock and surprise seem almost constant, Nature has now delivered a mirror for the destructive energies in the collective psyche. Hurricanes north of the equator spin counterclockwise, a direction in many indigenous traditions for the undoing of things, the dissolving of what has been built, the destruction of order.

At times, the insight that comes from astrological reflection can be disturbingly accurate. The specter of multiple fires in the West, and unbreathable air, the record-breaking heat, the twin hurricanes bearing down on highly populated regions of the US, fill us with dread for those whose safety and security will be upended, whose lives may be in danger. These twinned destructive forces parallel the dangerous split in the American political psyche. In the heavens, Saturn has been stationing opposite Mars in the chart for the Declaration of Independence. Mars is both courage and war, while Saturn often brings us face to face with the consequences of our actions, and with fate. President Trump has his Gemini Sun exactly there, conjunct the US Mars, with Moon opposing. This connection to the warlike Mars archetype of the US chart is not unusual in US presidents, but combined with his own powerful and uncontained Mars, conflicts of all kinds have been heightened.

The past few days, as Mercury stationed on the eclipse degree, hurricane Irma powered through the Atlantic. At the same time, the US administration announced a dismantling of a law that protects young people who came to the US illegally as children. These Dreamers, as they are known, may now see their own lives smashed beyond repair. The roof over their heads is threatened by a slower moving threat, one that could be equally devastating on a too fast/too slow six-month time scale.

On September 3rd, 2017, when Mercury and Mars, the planet of war, came together in the sky, North Korea carried out a nuclear bomb test, claiming they had exploded a hydrogen bomb. A resulting 6.3 earthquake confirmed there had been a powerful underground explosion. As it happens, the conjunction was on a “hot” degree: 28° Leo – the same degree as the August 21st solar eclipse, virtually the degree of Trump’s personal Mars. Even before Trump was elected, a number of astrologers had remarked on the likelihood that Trump would find an adversary in North Korea, given the way Mars was projected there in his Astrocartography map. North and South Korea have been split since 1948, and the disconnect is now a threat to us all.

It has been heartening to see the way Houstonians and other Texans helped each other after Harvey. In the face of a greater danger, many unnamed individuals have stepped in to rescue and to succor. The outward aggression of Mars has been re-channeled into heroism, courage and kindness. Our nation has Mars in Gemini, the sign of siblings, and the impulse of brotherly/sisterly love may yet rise up during these crises to vanquish the misunderstandings that are roiling the body politic. Without this healing counterforce the world we have known may crumble and fall. At its best, Mars in Gemini brings what is split back into relationship. Pray for those in harms way. Pray for us all.