Charleston NC Shooting Protest

Some Thoughts on the Saturn Retrograde Back into Scorpio

by Lynn Bell

June 19, 2015, Paris

Saturn slipped back into Scorpio just a few days ago. You may have felt it in your dreams. The dark, labyrinthine feeling was there for me, even before I’d tracked the planetary shift, signaling a time to go back and give attention to undigested emotions, to psychic free radicals. In the body, Scorpio is connected to eliminating toxins, And Saturn here wakes the residue of past emotions, it reveals the distortions in our perceptions…shows us where we may see the world through a glass darkly. 

In the mirror of the world, a young white man walked into a church, sat with a prayer group for an hour, and then shot nine black members of the congregation. The horror of this event is unspeakable, He literally tried to kill faith. One drug-addled lost young man, writhing with white supremacist fantasies, killed pastors and librarians and youth counsellors. Good people, kind people. We can think of this as a prompting to take note of what in ourselves might rise from the forgotten past, some archaic emotional reflex that is destructive to our faith in ourselves or in others. 

Again, looking at events in the collective, one of the world’s major religious leaders, Pope Francis, has just written: “Earth, our home is beginning to look more and more like an immense pile of filth.” Wake up, he says. change, take action, or vast suffering will occur.

Saturn will be retrograde in Scorpio from June 15th to September 18, 2015, calling us back to unfinished psychological and emotional issues. If we pay attention to what arises, we can wash away many of the layers that shadow our vision of the world, that smudge the lens of our mind. Scorpio also holds the power to generate new life, to impregnate the future. When this sign moves toward the light it holds immense creative power, it can utterly break the pattern of the past.

Pope Francis goes on to say, “Human beings, while capable of the worst, are also capable of rising above themselves, choosing again what is good, and making a new start, despite their mental and social conditioning."

As Jupiter and Saturn encounter each other in a square aspect this summer, we are choosing where to direct our attention, our faith, our love.

Happy solstice,