Astrology’s Place in the World

A Conversation with Alexander Ruperti... on Astrology’s Place in the World

by Lynn Bell

This article was first published in the Dec./Jan. 1998 issue of The Mountain Astrologer and is reprinted here with minor editorial changes and with permission.

For those of you who wonder what is possible after the second Saturn return, Alexander Ruperti’s story is an inspiring one. Born of a Russian father and Austrian mother on May 23, 1913, at 10:11 p.m. (rectified by Dane Rudhyar), in Stuttgart, Germany, Alex came to England at the age of two. Although he became a British citizen, he has lived in Switzerland since 1939. Ruperti first encountered astrology in his 20s and became a member of the Astrological Lodge in London in the 1930s. Soon afterward, he read Dane Rudhyar’s seminal work, The Astrology of Personality, [1] which was first published in 1936. Rudhyar became the main influence in Ruperti’s astrological life, and they maintained a correspondence throughout Ruperti’s long and distinguished career as a physical therapist and osteopath.

Ruperti’s astrological career began in the early 1970s, when he became part of the International Society of Astrological Research (ISAR) for Switzerland and began to lecture internationally. At 84, he still travels and teaches regularly in France, Switzerland, and Spain. He has written seven books, but only one in English, The Cycles of Becoming. [2] In 1984, with Marief Cavaignac, he created the Réseau d’Astrologie Humaniste, a group dedicated to the dissemination of Rudhyar’s ideas and philosophy, where the notion of personal evolution and consciousness is central to the practice of astrology. There are branches of the association in most of the large and medium-sized cities in France, Switzerland, and Spain, and it has been an important part of the renewed vigor of astrology in France in recent years.

This interview took place in June 1997 when Alex Ruperti and Marief Cavaignac were in Paris for a few days.

Lynn Bell: Alex, can you tell us something about your beginnings in astrology? How did you come to astrology?

Alex Ruperti: It was almost by chance. I was staying with a friend who had received a parcel of books, and since he had to be absent during the day, he said, “If you open that parcel, maybe there’s something that will interest you.” In it, I found Charles Carter’s First Principles of Astrology. I said to myself, “What on Earth does that mean?” I knew nothing about astrology, but I was intrigued, and I started reading it. As a result, I firmly decided to go further and see a professional astrologer to have my chart done.

LB: That was in London?

AR: That was in London back in the beginning of the 1930s.

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